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Welcome on my dachs website! 

I am so happy that you will spend some time with me and my beloved dachshunds :) 


Since I remember there were dachshunds or dogs in that type in my family. So obviously when I grew up I couldn't imagine any other breed in my own home :) My grandmother always had shorthaired standard girls and she "infected" me with this love to dachshunds. Although I have longhaired standard girls and my grandma still has shorthaired, it's wonderful feeling to be part of big humane-dogs family and have the same passion.

I registered my Vita-Red kennel in 2010 in Związek Kynologiczny in Poland, which is part of Federation Cynologique Internationale

In 2013 I decided to learn more about dogs psyche. Books were not enough for me, I wanted to know more and more :) So I went to school and finished course of dogs psychology. It's really usefull in breeding - I understand my dogs much better and I can work with them in better way. Of course my dogs surprise me from time to time and I love it! They teach me every day something new and it's great :)   

I have one more passion - photography. Breeding enables me connecting my two biggest passions - having dogs and photography. Taking photos of my or some friend's dogs makes me so happy... for me it's best time.    

Enjoy your time on my website :)