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Porzeczka passed exam from obedience course. It was so cold and snowy but we did it! We are so happy :)  






Piotrków Trybunalski - National Hunting Dog Show

Dachshunds were judged by Lenka Frncova (CZ) and my Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie got 1st place, excellent and CAC. We are happy of that results, but the most important for us was dachs meeting in Piotrków Trybunalski that day. We had much fun, it was really nice day. Thanks for great photos to Kasia Nowicka :)






lipiec 2010

I registered kennel Vita-Red FCI in Związek Kynologiczny in Poland!






Opole - International Dog Show

Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie debuted in mediate class. Dachshunds were judged by Horst Kettendorfer from Germany. Judge really liked my Porzeczka an finally she got great description, V 1/3, CAC and Res.CACIB.