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Jansa Vita-Red finished her first show-year on National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Dachshunds were judged by Andrzej Brabletz from Poland. Jansa got very promissing, Best Puppy in Breed and finally III BIS Puppy (during final competition judged by Piotr Król). It was great end of show year and now we can prepare to Christmas :)







Jansa Vita-Red on Dachshunds Club Show in Poland (Kielce). Judge: Lenka Fairaislova from Czech Republic.

Jansa got very promissing, Best Club Puppy and finally BIS Puppy III. During final competition dachshunds were judged by Grażyna Olender. We are so happy and huge thanks tojudges for their choice! I'm so proud of my little girl :) 







Jansa Vita-Red debuted in puppy class on National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Judge Mirosław Olejnik from Poland gave her very promissing and Best Puppy in Breed. 








Jansa Vita-Red were on great walk in Park Skaryszewski in Warsaw today. She was running, digging and swimming with company - young kaninchen dachshund BASIM Lizus Maksimus and his mother ALUZJA Ani Mru Mru.

Thank you very much for this great day, Ela :)








JAMENA Vita-Red moved to her new home in Italy today. Be happy, my dear girl :) 







We met with our dachs friends Diuk and his owners. Jamena, Jansa and Porzeczka had great fun, it was wonderful day. Thank you Ewa and Piotr :)







JAWRA Vita-Red moved to her new home today. Be happy, little girl :)







JUSTA Vita-Red is in her new home now. She lives in Warsaw and I hope we will be meeting in future :) 







JOKER Vita-Red moved to his new home in Nidzica. He has great dachs-lovers family and I'm sure he will be very happy boy :) 






PORZECZKA Japońskie Złocienie was on first dachshunds meeting in Warsaw. We met in Skaryszewski Park and spend wonderful time together. Hope we will meet again soon :) 







We have puppies! 6 red puppies: 1 male and 5 females. Proud parents:

Sire: Ch. Ares Dagi Dog 

Dam: Ch. Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie


It was very exciting night :) 







PORZECZKA Japońskie Złocienie few days before giving birth. It's so hard... :)







We confirmed pregnancy of Ch. Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie, sired by Ch. Ares Dagi Dog. We are so happy!!! We expect puppies around 24th March. If you are interested in puppy please contact us.  






National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz


PORZECZKA Japońskie Złocienie got excellent, CAC and finished Polish Championship!