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Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013 Year from all dogs from Vita-Red Kennel. Have a great family time and all the best in coming year! 






Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - National Dog Show

judge: Mirosław Olejnik (PL)


JANSA Vita-Red got excellent and CAC. She started Polish Championship this way :) 






We had great day with Ela Boguslawska and Ewa Dąbrowska and their dogs. By the way, we took some pictures today :) 


JANSA Vita-Red with smaller friend SZANGRI-LA Lizus Maksimus



JANSA Vita-Red in stack


Elu, Ewa - thank you for this lovely day and nice pictures :)






New photos of Justa Vita-Red :)


She is 1,5 year old now and she is lovely mix of her mother Porzeczka and father Ares. Thank you Beata for this photo! 








We had meeting with Jawra Vita-Red today. It was wonderful autumn day. Dogs hadmuch fun - were playing each other, swimming and digging huge holes ;) 





We spend short holidays on the seaside in Mikoszewo this year :)
We were playing, sunbathing, swimming in the sea (Jansa tried to swim to her grandpa to Sweden ;)). But we also had dog school there. Demo Dog organised great classes from obedience and agility and we were learning at the seaside or on the meadow. We learned much and spend great time together. Teacher (Joanna Francuz applies only positive methods). 
In the evening we were walking in forest or playing with friend Fuga (SS dachshund), who were with us. 

It was one of the best holidays - thank you Monika, Fuga and huge thanks to our teacher from Demo Dog school, Joanna. 








15 months old Jansa Vita-Red in stack.







We were on National Dog Show in Gostynin today. Jansa got only excellent today, but we had great day - warm and sunny day and meeting with friends :) 








We spend few days in Turawa near Opole with our friends - Monika Łapińska with Fuga (SS dachshund) and Ewa with Piotr and their Diuk (ML dachshund). Wow, it was great time - swimming in lake, running in forest, digging in our garden and finally - grill time ;)  Thank you for this great time! Hope we will meet soon again! 







Jansa Vita-Red on National Hunting Dog Show in Częstochowa was judged by Mirosław Olejnik (PL). Jansa got Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed. I'm so happy and proud of my little girl :) 






Jansa Vita-Red on National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki got Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed. 




New photos of 1 year old Joker Vita-Red (Ares Dagi Dog x Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie). He is developing very nice - great young boy, I am very proud of him :)





We organised Birthday Party for dogs from litter J :) Jansa, Jawra and Joker met with parents: Ares Dagi Dog and Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie. We also had nice quest - Impresario Dagi Dog. So we had really red garden! Much fun, birthday cake and wonderful time spent together... this day could be better only if Jamena and Justa would be with us!  





New photos of JOKER Vita-Red. Thank you, Paweł Korowajczuk for these lovely pictures! 






New photos of 11 months old Jansa...



...and Jamena Vita-Red 





JANSA Vita-Red


Mother and daughter: JANSA Vita-Red & PORZECZKA Japońskie Złocienie:




First snow this year gave so much fun to my dogs today :) Garden fun!