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Happy Christmas holidays from Vita-Red dachshunds! All the best in new year - let our dreams come true :) 






KINGSTON Vita-Red with his beloved owner Marcelina. Litter K is 9 motnhs old now :) 







KINGSTON Vita-Red on National Dog Show in Mielno. Judge Maria Bruska. Kingston got very promissing and Best Puppy in Breed. 

Huge congrats to Kingston and his owner Marcelina :) 







National Dog Show in Gorzów Wielkopolski - KINGSTON Vita-Red had his debut in puppy class. Judge: Marlena Jakubowska. Kingston got very promissing and Best Puppy in Breed. 

Huge congrats to Marcelina for preparing our boy. Thank you for great work with Kingston :)




* * * * *


Same time I met with Kingston's sister - KALDERA Vita-Red :) 








New photos of KINGSTON Vita-Red, becoming more and more similar to his father Ornberets Amaretto :)  





We had really great day today :) 

We went to Zgierz on National Hunting Dog Show. Dachshunds were judged by Zsuzanna Vaczi-Balogh from Hungary.

JANSA Vita-Red in open class got excellent, CAC and BOS. She finished Polish Championship this way :) 




6 months old KASHI Vita-Red was in puppy class. She received very promissing and Best Puppy in Breed. Thank you Małgosia for preparing Kashi to the show and fingers crossed for next sucess :) 




In the meantime Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie, mother of Jansa and Kashi, was kissing daughters :) 








We had dog walk in Fort Bema park, built in 19th century. In this historical circumstances our dogs were swimming, running and having pure fun. They were "hunting" on ducks and digging holes - just perfect dog day!

I met with my friends - Kasia, Ela, Ewa and Piotr. Thank you for this great day.  









Kashi, Jansa & Jawra Vita-Red with mum Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie spend great time in Łódź today. We met friends, went to park and just enjoyed the time :) 














International Dog Show in Warsaw, judge: Andrzej Brabletz. 


Kashi Vita-Red had her debut in baby class. She received very promissing and Best Baby in Breed. In the meantime she was kissing everybody she met :)

Kasia Nowicka - thanks for lovely photos! 



Sisters: Jansa and Kashi Vita-Red


Jansa in open class got excellent. 









Puppies from K litter are 4 months old now and I have few photos :)


KASHI Vita-Red - thank you Kasia Nowicka for these gorgeous photos :)








* * * * *


KASAI Vita-Red... garden workers :)







* * * * *













JANSA Vita-Red on National Dog Show in Lublin. In open class she received excellent, CAC, BOB and BOG-II :) Thanks to judge Karolina Wójcik for her choice :) 



Thank you Elżbieta Bogusławska for great company this day :) 



Waiting for final competition... :)


And BOG competition











Sunbathing in garden :) Kaldera Vita-Red playing with mum and half-sister Jansa. Few days later Kaldera moved to her new home. Be happy, little girl :) 

















It was very exciting day. First of all KASHI Vita-Red moved to her new home. She lives with Małgosia and Jarek in Łódź. Be happy my dear, I'm sure we will meet soon :)  


* * *


Secondly JANSA Vita-Red was on International Dog Show in Łódź. She received excellent, CAC, Winner and CACIB. Weather was awful, but still we are very happy about this day! 








KINGSTON Vita-Red moved to his new home in Szczecin. Be happy, sweet boy! 





New photos of 8 weeks old puppies from litter K. 










7 weeks old puppies from K litter:









Puppies are developing intensively. Thet have to try everything, they are playing all the time. 










Hello, we are 4 weeks old now. We are sweet and our human mummy took us some new photos :) 





KASAI Vita-Red


We also had nice visitors - Ela and Mariusz :) 







3 weeks old puppies from litter K (Ornbergets Amaretto x Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie) 







JANSA Vita-Red on National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki received excellent and Junior Winner.  








1 week old puppies... sweet babies are sleeping and eating - what a wonderful time :) 









We have puppies from combination: Ornbergets Amaretto x Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie. We have 3 females and 1 male. All puppies are red. We are so happy to have this litter. All puppies are reserved. 







We expect puppies from combination: 

Sire: Ch. Onrbergets Amaretto (Fagermons Lemke x Katelinian Dirlanda)

Dam: Ch. Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie (Huragan Japońskie Złocienie x Cleo Japońskie Złocienie)









New photos of almost 2 years old JOKER Vita-Red (Ares Dagi Dog x Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie)