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It's Christmas time! We wish very merry Christmas to all Vita-Red dachshund's lovers and owners. Have a great time spend with people you love and of course with your beloved dogs :) And because of New Year is coming we wish you all the best in 2016 year - let your dreams and plans come true... 








MECENAS Vita-Red is 8 months old now and his owner Claudia send me two new photos of him - thank you my dear :) But wait a moment... where is our little baby boy? ;)









New photos of almost 8 months old MAESTRO Vita-Red. He is developing very nice and has amazing happy and opened temperament. I am so glad from possibility to meeting him in Poznań :)  


More photos in his gallery - MAESTRO Vita-Red








Half-brothers - MAESTRO i LARSSONA Vita-Red. Maestro (Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element x Jansa Vita-Red) is almost 8 months old and Larsson (Ornbergets Amaretto x Jansa Vita-Red) is 16 months old. Both are inetesrting young boys and I can see some common features. Although each one is in different type, both are really nice young dachshunds.

Both boys live in Poznań and we met in Wilson park during my short visit in this city. Few photos below :)  








Larsson Vita-Red (Ornbergets Amaretto x Jansa Vita-Red) had his show debut today in Poznań. Judge was Mr. Andrzej Kaźmierski. The judge liked Larsson very much, but unfortunatelly our boy wasn't prepared for the show and got only excellent. Next time will be much better - way to go Ms. Kasia (owner of Larsson)! 




More photos of Larsson in his gallery - LARSSON Vita-Red. Enjoy :) 







New photos of 7 months old METIS Vita-Red. We had lovely autumn weather on this walk in Krasinski Park in Warsaw and our family meeting was very nice :) 





More photos in her gallery METIS Vita-Red :) 









Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie is 7 years old now - Happy Birthday my dear :) 








Autumn holidays of KASHI Vita-Red on the Baltic Sea. She was so happy - she was digging, running and just being free dog :) 








Warm, sunny day with friend Kasia Nowicka in charming park in Arkadia, next to Nieborów Palace. Such a wonderful day - first we were walking in Arkadia garden and later in Bolimowski Park Krajobrazowy forest. Our dachshunds and we had much fun :) 




Me with girls: Jansa, Porzeczka and Sara (ML)


Jansa in forest




Our gang in Arkadia Park


Kasia and her girls - Sara and Dalaya




Sara and Dalaya


Porzeczka in forest















Dogs park in Warsaw is great place - we can be just happy dogs ;) Everything is allowed - running, digging, playing with toys and other dogs. Hard to find better place in this big city for dogs...


















Puppies from M litter are 6 months old now. All of them have wonderful homes and owners - thank you for such a great care of my "babies" my dears :) 









MIA Vita-Red










We love meeting with other dachshunds lovers and we have great company:


standard longhaired: Jansa Vita-Red & Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie

miniature longhaired: Ksenia z Żywieckiej Kotliny & Diuk Koneckie Zacisze

kaninchen longhaired: Dalaya & Szaman Lizus Maksimus


It was so funny day - dogs park in Krasiński Park in Warsaw and dinner in restaurant. In the evening we went to Bulwary Wiślane, nexto to Wisła river. Such a lovely day... :) Ewa, Kasia and Piotr - thanks for great company!


Our gang


Dalaya and Sara


Dalaya in grass


Happy Porzeczka


Dalaya and Szaman


Dachs gang








KINGSTON Vita-Red had his debut in Sopot on agility show - Baltic Open Agility. In A0 class he was third  - I'm so proud of him! Huge congrats to his owner, Marcelina... I'm proud of you :) 











What a hot days! 38 degrees... dachshunds just have to swim or just lay in water most of the day ;) We had nice quests this weekend - Fuga and her owner Monika - thank you for spending with us such a great time! :) 

From left: Porzeczka, Jansa & Fuga


A little bit too small, mummy...















International Dog Show in Warsaw - KASHI Vita-Red got excellent, CAC and this way she finished Polish Championship! We are very proud of our little girl. Thanks to judge from Slovakia, Mr. Jozef Jursa for his choice :)




I am happy, so happy :) 









Last puppy from M litter moved to his new home today. Mecenas Vita-Red lives with - Claudia Hoppenbrouwers and her husband Peter. Good luck on dog shows and much happiness with him! Be happy, me dear boy :) 

With his new mummy :)



And last photos from Poland, taken in Kampinoski Park Narodowy few days earlier. Mecu loves sand... well... he loves almost everything ;) 












Summer walk with Mecu and kaninchen longhaired girl, 6 months old Dalaya Lizus Maksimus. We were in Fort Bema park and it was just great few hours. Thank you, Kasia :) 




Mecenas in stack - 3,5 months old





In the end my kisses with Mecu... we love each other so much...  








1st birthday of litter L: LADY SALMA, LARSSON & LINCOLN. Happy Birthday and be happy :)






3 months old Mecu in Skaryszewski park :) Just love this boy!



















We are meeting with dog and no-dog friends. Mecu needs to meet with different people, dogs and situations, so we have very active time :) Today we visited Hania and her dogs - thank you for great time. Dogs were really happy and had great time... me too :) 


From left: Porzeczka, Nitka, Jansa & Mecenas





Running with Nitka 






Few days earlier we met Ewa and her husband Piotr and their dogs Diuk & Szaman












2,5 years old KINGSTON Vita-Red on the sea with his beloved owners Marcelina and Michał :) Thanks for photos! 

















MELILA & MAESTRO Vita-Red moved to their new hoimes. Be happy, dear bullies :)  







Having fun in garden... life is so great :) Litter M is great, funny and very open-minded. Love these pupies!!!


















National dog show in Płock. 2 years old KASHI Vita-Red got excellent, CAC, Best Bitch, BOB and finally BOG-4. Huge thanks to judge Mrs. Joanna Adamowska for her choice. We are really proud from Kashi :) 


















New photos of pupies from M litter playing in the garden. Enjoy your time looking at these crazy guys ;)













6 weeks old puppies from litter M had quest - my friend Kasia from Łódź. It was sweet and kind time. Thank you, Kasia :)




6 weeks old boys :)


and girls - Mia i Melila :)


Aunt, let's finish this photo session, please... 


And the stage :) 








5 weeks old puppies - having fun, playing and trying everything around... 

Maestro & Mecenas discussing :)




 MIA Vita-Red


 MELILA Vita-Red









4 weeks old puppies from litter M (Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element x Jansa Vita-Red)








MIA Vita-Red


METIS Vita-Red










We had professional photo session today. Thank you Marek Relich for great work with our dogs :)








We are 3 weeks old now and there are huge changes in our life :) We are walking and eating delicious things now - life is great!!!





First stage - MIA









Happy Easter to all our fans :) 






2 weeks old puppies :)







Hello, we are 1 week old. Most time we are eating and sleeping, but soon it will change ;) 









Happy Birthday to all dogs from litter J. All thes best - be happy, healthy and live long











We have puppies! 3 red females, 1 red male and 1 black&tan male. We are so, so happy with this litter!  Puppies are stronh and healthy and their mummy Jansa Vita-Red is also doing great. Happy father is Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element. 














Dogs from litter K - Kingston, Kashi, Kaldera & Kasai - are 2 years old today. All the best, my dear "babies" :) 








New winter photos of my beloved girl JANSA Vita-Red. 



And 6 years old PORZECZKA Japońskie Złocienie









I met 8 months old LADY SALMA Vita-Red (Ornbergets AMARETTO x JANSA Vita-Red) today. Lady is developing very nice and probably she will have great hair, especially as a bitch ;)








We confirmed pregnancy of our JANSA Vita-Red.

Father of puppies is imported from Russia, lovely dog Dvinskie Zori SHESTOY ELEMENT. 







KINGSTON Vita-Red on dogtrekking (11km threw snowy forest). Well done, Kingston and Marcelina :)









New photos of 4 years old JOKER Vita-Red.