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International Dog Show in Lublin, dachshunds judged by Aleksandra Sękowska-Miros (PL). NELA Vita-Red in junior class: Excellent, JCAC, JBOB & BOS. Huge thanks to the judge and to ZKwP Lublin fo lovely organised show :)









National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. NELA Vita-Red in junior class received: excellent, JCAC & BOS. 

Judge: Maria Bruska (PL) 








National Dog Show in Radom. Dachshunds were judged by Elena Agafonova from Italy. NELA Vita-Red received very promissing, Best Puppy in Breed and finally BIS Puppy IV :) Final competition was judged by Bosgusław Chmiela from Poland. We are very happy :) 









 It was very active and successful weekend. We visited our dog's family in Bydgoszcz and on the way to Bydgoszcz we stopped in Włocławek, on National Dog Show, where NELA Vita-Red debuted in puppy class. She got very promissing and Best Puppy in Breed. Huge thanks to the judge Mr. Tomasz Borkowski! We didn't stay till final competition, because we were on hurry to go to Bydgoszcz. We stayed for one day at Monika & Rafał home with their dogs: MELILA & NIGEL Vita-Red and boxer girl Pepsi. These days couldn't be better - we had so much fun, nice walks, talking time. Thank you one more time for these days, my dears :) 



NELA Vita-Red  - stack photo 


Siblings NIGEL & NELA Vita-Red 


NIGEL Vita-Red - stack photo 


All pack together - from left: Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie, Nigel Vita-Red, Jansa Vita-Red, Nela Vita-Red & Melila Vita-Red. 


MELILA Vita-Red 


NIGEL Vita-Red 









I got new photos of our precious boy JOKER Vita-Red recently. He was enjoying the last summer days and was digging an running near castle in Nidzica, where he lives. Thank you Paweł Korowajczuk for these beautiful photos of our sweet boy :) 







MECENAS Vita-Red on International Dog Show Zwolle/Hanzeshow (Netherlands). Judge: Mr. Hans Boelaars (H). Mecu got excellent and was 2/8. It was big success, because the judge was really strict and only 2 dogs got excellent. Huge congrats to Claudia & Peter Hoppenbrouwers, Mecu's owners. 








NELA Vita-Red became 7 months old. She is sweet, kissy and a little bit crazy girl and is practice before dog shows :) 







NELSON Vita-Red (Morricone Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog x Kashi Vita-Red) had his show debut today and he did it very well :)


National Dog Show in Warsaw

judge: Anna Samocka

Nelson got very promissing and Best Puppy in Breed! 


We are very happy and sending huge congratulations to Nelson's owners. Thank you for great working with this sweet boy :) 



Nelson after the show (6,5 months old)







I love colourful autumn, especially with heathers. This year, finally, we met with friends on heathers meadow near Warsaw. Such a beautiful place had to be used fot photo session ;) 

From left: Nela, Porzeczka & Jansa 



Nela Vita-Red 


Nela training before dog show 


Running in heathers :) 



Jansa Vita-Red 







NELA Vita-Red became 5 months old today and we took few fresh photos of my sweet girl :) 









Almost 5 months old Nela and rest of my girls loves spending free time in forest and on the meadow. In the meantime they are playing in a small stream. We would like to thank our neighbour and friend for spending such a wonderful time with us and our dogs. My dachshunds are spending time with boxer and my second love - brittish greyhound Landa :) 









National Dog Show in Olsztyn 

judge: Krystyna Opara (PL)


METIS Vita-Red (Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element x Jansa Vita-Red) received: excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed and finally BOB. What a wonderful show debut! Huge congrats to her owners and fingers crossed for next shows :) 








Our sport-dachshund KINSGTON Vita-Red was on agility show in Szczecin, during National Dogshow. 


And in the end sweet eyes of Kingston :) 







 Siblings from litter N became 4 months old :) They're developing very nice and all are really happy in wonderful new homes :) 


NELA Vita-Red 






NAVIA Vita-Red 


NIGEL Vita-Red is having free time from training right now... and swimming in the river with aunt MELILA Vita-Red :) 








MECENAS Vita-Red had wonderful weekend. He was on International Dogshow Meierij's Hertogenbosch in Netherlands. Dachshunds were judged by Rachel Dijkhorst-Noij. Mecu received: Excellent, V1/4, Best Junior and Res.CAC which will change to CAC. Huge congrats to Claudia & Peter and hugs to Mecu - we are so proud of you! :)








Last days were full of amazing moments and events. Today we spent few hours in Pola Mokotowskie park, which is one of the biggest in Warsaw. Big thanks to Kasia, Ewa, Robert & Piotr for lovely meeting - it was great time! It wasn't normal dogs walk, that we're organising from time to time, because we met monkey called makak. This lovely, small monkey lives in Warsaw and came for a walk with her owner. Our dogs were a little bit shocked, but also interested in this strange animal :)




Three girls: Sara, Nela & Dalaya 



Nela had also training time in park :) 




* * * * * 


Few days earlier Nela Vita-Red met her brother Nelson in Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw. They had great time together - siblings were playing, swimming and running. What a lovely saturday! Thanks for meeting to Dorota & Marysia - see you soon :) 


Nelson - 3,5 months old young male 








39th International Show in Lommel (Belgium) 

judge: Dmitry Mamontov from Russia 


MECENAS Vita-Red (Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element x Jansa Vita-Red) 

Excellent, V1, JCAC, JBOB and became Junior Belgian Champion 


Huge congrats to Claudia and Peter, Mecu owners. I'm so proud of our little b&t boy :) Bravo!!!








Antoninek near Poznań - Hunting Dogs National Show

judge: Maciej Kobzer (PL) 


LARSSON Vita-Red (Ornbergets Amaretto x Jansa Vita-Red) 

Excellent, V1, CAC, BOB and finally BOG 3! 


Huge congrats to Larsson's owner and thanks to judge for his choice, I'm very proud of young boy Larsson :) 










Yesterday we took new photos of 3 months old puppies from N litter. They are developing very nice and becoming little dachshunds ;) 


NELA Vita-Red




NIGEL Vita-Red 



NAVIA Vita-Red 




And 3 siblings: Navia, Nela & Nigel










3 months old NIGEL Vita-Red (Morricone Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog x Kashi Vita-Red) went to his new home. He lives with his aunt MELILA Vita-Red (Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element x Jansa Vita-Red), boxer friend Pepsi and white cat... and of course with wonderful people - Monika and Rafał. Be happy, my dear boy :) 

3 months old NIGEL 



And with new owner - Rafał :) 



* * * * * 


And here you can see new photo of MELILA Vita-Red, she is 14 months old now, sweet girl :) 



Below you can see Melila with mother and grandmother :) 








New member of our family - NELA Vita-Red (sire Intch Morricone Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog & dam Kashi Vita-Red). Nela is 3 months old now and she is staying with us to continue interesting lines of her parents :) 








New photos of 9 weeks old puppies from litter N (Morricone Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog x Kashi Vita-Red). 1 girl and 1 boy are available, you can see more here: Puppies for sale. 








What is the best way to spend free time? Meet with friends and dachshunds :) We met in Park Krasińskich in Warsaw, lovely park. 








NELSON Vita-Red moved to his new home today :) He lives near Warsaw with standard dachshund longhaired friend Olimpia Dagi Dog and wonderful people, real dachshund lovers! Be happy, my dear and see you soon :)








Our puppies from litter N became 8 weeks old! Time is running so fast... it seems they were born yesterday :) Now they are charming and happy puppies spending their time on having fun and brawling... just a little bit of course ;) New photos below and on their webpage - Litter N. 1 male and 1 female are available.  







Today I got wonderful gift - new photos of my darling MECENAS Vita-Red, who became an adult, serious guy... when did it happen? :) 











New photos of 6,5 weeks old puppies from N-litter: Nelson, Nigel, Navia & Nela. This time we also took some photos with family - mother Kashi Vita-Red, aunt Jansa Vita-Red and grandma Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie - we had much fun :)









2 puppies from N-litter are still available: 1 male and 1 female :) If you are interested in puppy from this combination, don't hestitate to contact us. Below you can see new photos of our charming 5 weeks old puppies :) More about this litter you can read here: Litter N














18th Ambriorixtrofee at Genk in Belgium 

judge: Chan Weng Woh from Malaysia


MECENAS Vita-Red (12 months old): Excellent, V1, JCAC

Huge congrats to his owner Claudia Hoppenbrouwers and thanks to the judge for his choice :)  









Happy Easter to all our fans and owners of Vita-Red dachshunds :) Have a great time spent with your family and friends. 








Happy 5th Birthday to all dogs from litter J. Joker, Jamena, Jawra, Justa and my dear Jansa - be happy and have a long, joyful life :)  









New photos of our 3,5 weeks old puppies from N Litter (Morricone Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog x Kashi Vita-Red). Puppies are getting more and more active. They're playing each other explore everything around... and what is the best - we are already eating food, not only drinking milk ;) We are big dachs now, have a look! You can see more here: Litter N













M-Litter dachshunds are already 1 year old! Happy Brthday my dears MECENAS, MAESTRO, MELILA, MIA & METIS Vita-Red :) 








Puppies from N-litter are 16 days old now and they're changing very fast. Eyes and ears are opened and they're trying to stay and walk. They are developing great and are so charming :) Let's have a look: 







You can see more on their page - Litter N :) 








Today dogs from litter K (Ornbergets Amaretto x Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie) became 3 years old. Happy birthday, my dear: KINGSTON, KASHI, KASAI & KALDERA. Special kisses and hugs to KASHI Vita-Red, who became mother of N-Litter 2 weeks ago :)  









Today I received new photos of our young black&tan boy MECENAS Vita-Red (Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element x Jansa Vita-Red). He's almost 1 year old dachshund and is developing very nice and fast. But he still is happy little boy - everything makes him happy and curious ;) Huge thanks to his owners, Claudia and Peter, for taking such a great care of him and sending me fresh photos of our boy. 


Love this head... ;) 









Our N-litter puppies (Morricone Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog x Kashi Vita-Red) are 10 days old now. They are doing great, keep growing (over 700g weight) and preparing to open their eyes :) Wow - will be interesting soon! They also had their first guest - auntie Kasia visited them - there were many kisses and some new photos. Thank you Kasia :) 


Our sweet red gang :) 


Charming NELSON Vita-Red 


And acrobat master - NELA Vita-Red 







We have puppies!!! :) 

4 red puppies: 2 males & 2 females were born today in the morning. Puppies are doing very well and growing intensively. Proud parents are: stunning and titled MORRICONE Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog and our lovely girl KASHI Vita-Red. More about puppies and this litter you can read here: Litter N. 











KINGSTON Vita-Red (Ornbergets Amaretto x Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie) in agility competition in Bydgoszcz (Elita Agility 2016) did really great job! He was running twice and each time was 2nd (on 9 dogs) in A0 jumping class. Wow - wonderful sucess for dachshund!!! Huge congrats to Kingston's owner Marcelina and kisses to our little boy :) 











Three generations photo, that I took two days ago, during Melila's short visit in our home :) From left you can see:

MELILA Vita-Red (Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Elemenet x Jansa Vita-Red) 

JANSA Vita-Red (Ares Dagi Dog x Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie)

PORZECZKA Japońskie Złocienie (Huragan Japońskie Złocienie x Cleo Japońskie Złocienie)









New photos of M-litter siblings: MELILA & MECENAS Vita-Red. Mecenas, who lives in Netherlands looks very seriously and adult, in the opposite of Melila, who looks like a crazy girl. In reality both are very happy and positive dogs who loves spending time on having fun. In the end of January Melila came to Warsaw. We spent few hours together and it was wonderful time for me - there is nothing better for breeder than meet his dog-baby after a while and see how happy it is, how good home has and how nice develops. Thank you, Monika, for such a great care of little, charming Melila :)