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Champion of Poland


Dachshund standard longhaired 

born 25.03.2011


Breeder: Karolina Czempas

Owner: Karolina Czempas 

Jansa is called happy child. She is cheerful and positively attituded to the people. She is smiling all the time - very special girl. Jansa needs to be close to people, they are just centre of her life. She loves being with me and she just "has to" touch me while being next to me. She "helps" me with cooking, cleaning up or reading books :) Always next to me...

Just like Kashi and Porzeczka, Jansa loves digging and swimming, which is her biggest passion. She also likes trainig and it makes her really happy and fulfilled. 

Jansa has very elegant, beautiful head with long ear, strong bone and great angulation. Her grandfather is IntCh Ornbergets Kriktor and she has a lot of common with him... 

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