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Champion of Poland 


Dachshund standard longhaired 

born 09.03.2013


Breeder: Karolina Czempas

Owners: Karolina Czempas i Małgorzata Pągowska











Kashi is called Pippi at home. She has extremly friendly and positive character. She loves digging and swimming. Each water makes her happy - from sea to puddle :)

Kashi loves contact with people, she is opened and always happy girl. She behaves just like puppy - happy, playing with toys and people. As a result most of people who meet her for the first time think that she is very young girl ;) She loves caresses, but especially loves spending time with children. She really loves them!  

Kashi has lovely movement, perfect, elegant head, strong bone and great quality and colour of hair. Her father is Ornbergets Amaretto, dog from one of my favourite Europe kennels. 

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