Our banner:





Organisations we belong to:


Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce 




Federation Cynologique Internationale






Our vets:


Veterinary surgeon Paweł Zahorodny





Veterinary Surgeon Marcin Tomczak









Food which my dogs are eating:



Farmina Natural&Delicious









Links to some kennels in Poland and abroad: 



 Kennel Lizus Maksimus (PL) 




 Kennel Dagi Dog (PL)




 Kennel Hokus Pokus z Perłowej (PL)




 Kennel The Marquis Mansion's Teckels (NL)





Kennel Ornebrgets (SE)





Kennel Excellmagic (RU)




Kennel Del Rinconcillo (ES)





Kennel Hodowla EosKometa (LT)





Kennel Hodowla Siamon (CZ)




Kennel Hodowla Radalys (FI)












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