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Ares Dagi Dog

PL Winner '12, Baltic Winner '11, Club Winner '12, Champion of Poland, Lithuania, Junior Champion of Poland


Porzeczka Japońskie Złocienie

Champion of Poland

Born: 25.03.2011

JOKER Vita-Red

JANSA Vita-Red


JAWRA Vita-Red

JUSTA Vita-Red

JUNA Vita-Red

6 puppies were born: 1 male i 5 females, more details below: 

Father of Litter J is beautiful, great built Ares Dagi Dog, dog with absolutelly impressive coat. He has lovely, balanced character and very interesting pedigree. His father is Interchampion, Champion of Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Finland Ornbergets Kriktor, son of famous and titled Ornbergets Daniela - Interchampin C.I.B., Veteran World Winner, Champion of Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Grandfather of Ares from Kriktor side is Zeppelin van de Tongelaar. From the mother's side in Ares pedigree is famous in Poland Interchampiona Carelli Światołdycz, who is the son of imported from Slovakia, well known Rimini z Turańskiej Obory.

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