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Born: 19.03.2015


Dvinskie Zori Shestoy Element

Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Poland


Jansa Vita-Red

Champion of Poland

5 puppies were born: 2 males and 3 females, more info below: 




MIA Vita-Red

METIS Vita-Red

In march 2015 were born second liiter of me sweet girl Jansa. This time father of puppies became beautiful dog from Russia Dvinskie Zori SHESTOY ELEMENT. He has great exterior and very interesting pedigree. We can find many titled and appreciated dogs from last few years. Grandfather of puppies is Interchampion, World Winner 2013, Champion of Eurasia, Champion of Russia, Lithuania, Hungary and Kazachstan Excellmagic L'CENTER OF MY LIFE. This amazing dog is son of Interchampion Dvinskie Zori RYZHYI GNOM. Mother of L'Center of My Life is Interchampion and World Winner 2013 Excellmagic L'BLOSSOMBLUM, bitch with fully american pedigree. Her parents are dogs from fashionable and appreciated in Europe american lines - Interchampion Windswept's RHYTM OF THE RAIN and STARDUST KIPLING von Skaer. Mix of american and european lines I like the most and I am very happy and proud of this litter :)