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Family of Nigel

Nigel is absolutely special boy :) He is the result of combination, that I have been planning for few years. His father is my favourite standard longhaired male - black & tan Morricone Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog with fully american pedigree. 

Nigel has extremly friendly and positive character. He adores digging and all activities, including swimming :) He loves contact with people like no other dog. Happy all the time and most opened boy I could imagine.   

His grandfather from mother's site is Ornbergets Amaretto, dog from one of my favourite Europe kennels. 

Hope that he will continue sucess of her very titled ancestors from Europe and USA. 



Dachshund standard longhaired 

born 24.02.2016


Breeder: Karolina Czempas

Owner: Karolina Czempas 











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