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Champion of Poland


Dachshund standard longhaired

born 25.10.2008


Breeders: Wojciech Mozler, Katarzyna Rymarz

Owner: Karolina Czempas

Litter J

Porzeczka is completelly different than rest of my girls. From the one side she is the dog of one owner, but from the other side she loves stroking on her belly and she makes everything to ask for it. She is my first longhaired girl and everything started from this girl - my passion to dog shows and breeding. Except of swimming and digging, she also loves rolling around... as a result from time to time she smells awfully :)  

Porzeczka was great mother and now she is best grandmother. She is carefull and can lick newborn puppies for many hours a day, just loves puppies... 

On dog show