My kennel is a small home kennel. I rarely have puppies, but these puppies are always so awaited and surrounded by pure love from the very beggining. Character and health are most important for me. That's why I always try to choose best possible stud male which is well built and has good, friendly character. Most of all dogs are our every day life companions and they should be open minded, happy, friendly to people and other dogs. That's my priority and there is nothing better in the world than looking on dog from my kennel who is the center of his humane-family life.  
My dogs lives with me at home, with friendly and warm atmosphere. They are full-fledged part of family and participate in our life at home and outside. We spend holidays together, so my dogs can swim in the sea, digg in forest and in the evening we are going to restaurant together :)

We also like spending time in dogs school and I try to work with them regulary, even if it's only home-exercises. They really love it and I see in their eyes how happy they are when they work with me :)  

Very important for me is also working with puppies. I apply early neurostimulation, to provide them perfect emotional development and stable psyche in the future. When puppies are a bit older I socialize them with all aspects of every day life and I teach them rules of living in human family :) Except of it, my puppies have much love - they are part of family, live with us, sleep and spend all day in the same room that I am sleeping and living. Thanks to that Vita-Red puppies are moving to their new families ready to face the big world, they are friendly and open-minded. 

Each puppy born in my kennel have FCI pedigree. They are also dewormed and vaccinated.

Except of health book I give them layette - food, toy, blanket and much kisses and love.  



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