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Born: 06.06.2017


NIGEL Vita-Red



5 puppies were born: 2 red males, 2 red females and 1 black&tan female, more info below: 

Father of puppies from O-litter became young NIGEL Vita-Red which is out of stunning, fully american pedigree, MORRICONE Hokus Pokus z Perłowej Dagi Dog. He has wonderful exterior, extremly friendly character and very interesting pedigree. We can find here most titled and appreciated dogs from last few years. His father is amazing Aviance's Pramada for Terms of Endearment (Grand Champion of USA, Champion of USA, Champion of Poland, Champion of Russia, Champion of Lithuania) and mother Excellmagic L'Brellianceblack (Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Poland, Champion of Lithuania). 

MELILA Vita-Red is grand-daughter of Excellmagic L'Center of my Lfe, Interchampion, World Winner 2013, Champion of Russia, Lithuania, Hungary and Kazachstan and daughter of my sweetes JANSA Vita-Red. 

I love mix of american and european lines and I hope this litter will develop as nice nice as I imagine :)